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Are you ready to shine?

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Have you grown and transformed in unimaginable ways since becoming a mum?

Do you feel there’s more of you inside that you want to connect with?

Is it time for you to elevate yourself and shine?

YES?? Then get excited, you’re in the right place!

Being a mum is a challenge..

The physical, emotional and psychological changes you experience are immense. And they never stop! As your child grows, so do you. This journey is as old as time. The question is; How can you maximise it to excel in a modern world?

And that’s where I step in…

My deep connection coaching will help you elevate yourself, your relationships and your meaning of life.

I will guide you to connect to yourself better as a woman, mother and spiritual being so that you can find your shine within and grow the tribe you want.

So what are you waiting for?

What I stand for

Understanding ourselves better and why we do what we do is fundamental in evolving in our lives, our societies and our world.

Ignorance of who you are creates division, jealousy and fear whereas knowing yourself cultivates inclusion, compassion and love. 

It’s my mission to encourage mums to tap into their inner power & wisdom to lead the way for future generations and create positive change in the world.

Together we will delve deep into your unconscious and strip back all the stories you’ve been telling yourself that keep you small.

We will untangle the lies, misperceptions, doubts and fears so you can reveal your true brilliance and shine.


The Time To SHINE Packages




Introduction to who you are and your journey within.


3 personalised coaching sessions




Find your shine within and improve relationships with yourself and others.

6 personalised coaching sessions +  guided visualizations




Find your shine within and improve relationships with yourself and others.

12 personalised coaching sessions +  guided visualizations

What’s in it for you?

  • Feel freer
  • Improve relationships
  • Change your world

Are you ready to find your inner SHINE ?